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Below is a transcript of what Jericho said about the fight several years ago on the “I can’t beat the s**t out of Big Show, but I can beat the s**t out of Goldberg.

I fell for a musician With a bassists hands Rough and safe He had a drummers heart Always beating to the same time as my own His voice Raspy and deep Named my sadness when I could not When we would wake with the early morning dew Between bed sheets He sang lullabies Of my Uninhibited thoughts The dynamic of my sadness could Not keep rhythm with the Measures you laid out before us The music laying on my tongue fell flat A weak beat What happens when a musician can no longer name my sadness?

Part 2 I can hear him Making new music with her sadness Using his fingers to string her up But wasn’t that song written for me?

Vehículos de ocasión, renting de coches y renting de bienes de equipo y tecnologías en Caixa Bank Equipment Finance.

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But then I had some setbacks and failures and then more failures.