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It had the beginnings of what finally got me to the solution, but I didn't think the example they gave was very appropriate. In the Cell Mouse Up, you check the column for the event, and when it is a Check Box column, you can see what the new value for the Check Box.

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However, the Data Grid View is always one click behind.

It is critical that the string is updated at the time of the click.

Selection Change Committed, _ New Event Handler(Address Of Combo Start Editing) End Sub Protected Overloads Overrides Sub Edit(By Val source As Currency Manager, _ By Val row Num As Integer, By Val bounds As Rectangle, By Val read Only1 As Boolean, _ By Val instant Text As String, By Val cell Is Visible As Boolean) My Base.

New() Column Combo Box = New No Key Up Combo Add Handler Column Combo Box.

How do I force the Data Grid View to update on the click? To do what I want, Help says to handle the Current Cell Dirty State Changed event, & that this event manually calls the Cell Value Changed event. To 13598, I tried your suggestion too, but to no avail. Value = If(is Checked, "Yes", "No") I don't recall how I changed the code & I've deleted all my tinkering, but the error was something about expecting an expression. Like I said before, I didn't understand what the code was trying to do, so maybe I didn't flesh out the code correctly for what I wanted to accomplish.