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Disc 1(my favorite) is primarily Gaiman reading some of his short work and poems. Thank you to Amanda and Neil both for this gift you gave to everyone.

Disc 2 is a combination of Gaiman and Palmer reading and singing. Really enjoyed Gaiman reading and could have listened to much more. I was really hesitant about whether to review this on the blog or not since it’s really not a book, BUT it’s Neil Gaiman, who is an author — an author I love — and it’s completely awesome, so there you go.

He: the 53-year-old British graphic novelist beloved for Coraline and The Sandman series.

They share a fan demographic in self-identified teenage misfits and tonight, at a sold-out show in New York's Times Square, the auditorium is filled with skinny boys dressed as Doctor Who and girl goths in rainbow-striped tights and dog collars, as death-obsessed as they are twee. The show is to accompany an album the couple have made, An Evening With Amanda Palmer & Neil Gaiman, a three-disc, Kickstarter-funded album of songs and readings taken from their joint 2011 tour.

The following morning, I visit them in a So Ho apartment owned by their friend, the author and cartoonist Art Spiegelman.