My ex girlfriend dating someone else

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She begins to text them frequently but I don't know what they talk about. We even fought about it a couple times and eventually I let it go because she is entitled to make friends.

The last 4-6 months she mentioned about a co-worker and kept mentioning his name now and then but I ignored it because I told her that my insecurity of her meeting new guy friends is over.

I also got out of her that when they came back, she slept at his house because she had work in a few hours but would not say what happened aside from sleeping in his bed. I was/still am extremely sad and upset by that because the past 3 years, I did so much for her and we both we're extremely happy. The guy just swooped in when he knew we weren't together.

I have been trying the no contact rule but it's tough because I don't want to lose my bestfriend but I caved a few times and creeped on social media to see hurtful things.

They were only gone for one day and didn't sleep at a hotel or something.