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Just beyond the airport’s wild horses, English-language signs proliferate, like “Cash and Carry.” Guide books advise you to never put your luggage in the trunk of an airport cab because you may be charged a high price to get it back. Women in fancy designer sunglasses prostrate themselves on prayer ramps at the Gandantegchinlen Monastery, rebuilt after the Stalin-era religious purges of the 1930s.

Authorities say the former Union City resident posed online as a young girl to trick teen girls into exposing themselves on their web cameras.

Investigators say he threatened to post those images online if the girls didn’t engage in further sexual conduct.

In that unstoppable spirit, modern Mongolians take vacations in the steppes where paved roads end, leaving no alternative but to forge ahead on no road at all. have left their marks, Mongolian culture seems surprisingly undiluted.

The romance of Mongolia partly comes from its self-sufficient identity. The attitude seems to be “We have our own stuff, thank you.” Beijing has the Forbidden City, but the smaller Winter Palace of the Bogd Khan is also dazzling in its ornate red and gold woodwork and nest of green sloping roofs.

The resurgence in Mongolian Buddhism is apparent in the statue of Avalokiteśvara, the goddess of compassion, said to be the largest indoor statue ever at 85 feet.