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Eight of 86 (9%) Pr EP-eligible MSM started Pr EP during the 4-month period; of those, 6 of the 8 reported that the app influenced their decision to start Pr EP. A theory-based mobile phone app was acceptable to MSM and was rated as having above-average usability.Most men used the commodity-ordering features of the app during the 4-month evaluation period, and nearly 1 in 10 Pr EP-eligible men started Pr EP, with most attributing their decision to start Pr EP in part to the app.

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The app assigns a random phone number, making it compatible with SMS providers.

It's very ad-intense, though -- and if you want to do away with the commercials, it will cost $5.99 per year.

The app included self-assessment tools; prevention recommendations; commodity (condoms, HIV self-tests) ordering; reminders to MSM for basic HIV prevention services, HIV testing, condom use, screening for preexposure prophylaxis (Pr EP) and nonoccupational postexposure prophylaxis (n PEP); and prevention and treatment provider locators.

The study recruited HIV-negative, Android-using MSM in Atlanta and Seattle who were asked to use the app for 4 months and complete a post-use survey.

" /The price for a free way to text is to be subjected to a frequent stream of banner ads at the bottom of the screen, which are easy to accidentally click as you're typing a text message.