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Adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) are associated with early mortality and morbidity. adults from five states in the 2011 Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System survey.

This study evaluated the association among ACEs, high-risk health behaviors, and comorbid conditions, as well as the independent effect of ACE components. Exposures included psychological, physical, and sexual forms of abuse as well as household dysfunction such as substance abuse, mental illness, violence, and incarceration.

They both run on four legs, are covered in fur, have the same number of claws, prefer to eat meat, make good pets, love being petted, both deserve to be treated well, etc. Just as with cats and dogs, both types of transsexual/transgendered people deserve to be treated well; both equally deserve legal, social, and medical recognition as the gender to which they identify and aspire.

Yet, for all of their similarities, they are NOT the same animal. from early childhood, often gender dysphoric from preschool age onward, and universally and exclusively attracted to their same natal sex (opposite of their gender identity) when they reach their teens and beyond.

Nothing in this material is meant to imply otherwise.