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"Other outlets have stated that only Ivy Bridge and newer will receive updates.

But given how many Sandy Bridge processors are still being used, Intel will not make friends with its update policy." Sandy Bridge ... Core2 Extreme & Quad run Win10 quite well if given adequate (6-8GB) RAM and GPU. Then there's the vast pile of older stuff out there running Win7.

From the moment when it became clear that Intel CPUs were affected by a mysterious CPU flaw that required major patching, Intel stock dropped by $2.27, which is around 4.85% of the original price.

Patching the Meltdown and Spectre flaws will require CPU firmware updates, OS-level patches, and application-level mitigations.

Intel's firmware, which is delivered by hardware OEMs, is causing higher system reboots on systems with older Broadwell and Haswell CPUs.

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