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‘Finally on the occasion of a trip to the US I visited two well-known session wrestlers,’ he says.

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‘I got more and more curious how it would feel to be on the mat, and finally in 2004 I took a session during one of these tournaments in Hungary, just to satisfy my curiosity.

‘Truth to be told, it was not very fun, so I put it aside for another 10 years.’ But Wolf was not one to let sleeping dogs lie, so to speak.

‘They have a full range of female wrestling talent from skilled and experienced martial arts women to stunning models.

‘It is professional, organised and the MWM athletes really love what they do as well.

‘I love seeing a man getting an erection before or during a wrestling session, it is turn on for me also. After all it’s a fetish.’ Another regular client, Wolf (not pictured), is a 55-year-old professional who has worked in advertising for 25 years.