Match dating tips

For example, if you're worried about choosing the wrong restaurant for a date, Alexa's got you there, too: "When in doubt, go for sushi," suggests Alexa.

"It will boost your chances of a second date by 170 percent." So... And we can't forget everyone's biggest concern: To make out, or not to make out? Before I let you go, can we please take a moment to acknowledge the fact that we have reached a point in time where a robot (OK, technically artificial intelligence) is literally giving us dating advice?

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It's much better for women to mention , poetry, and “chick flicks”; bottom-ranked men discuss zombies and C .

(More fun facts: The most popular women on the site call themselves “girls,” while the most popular men call women “women.” And it’s really hot for guys to use the word “whom.”) Is it really more attractive for men and women to break gender norms than to conform to them? We don’t know what these daters’ profiles look like on the whole, so it’s possible that women who love electronics are only deemed hot if they can’t get enough fashion and yoga, or that the high marks afforded to men who craft are contingent on the condition of their abs.

No, Alexa's dating advice is coming straight from the largest survey of singles — Match's Singles in America Survey.

And now, Amazon Alexa's new skill is giving dating advice. In order to prep us for the busiest time of year for online dating, and for any dating we may continue to do when it ends, Amazon paired up with Match to create a whole new skill set for Alexa — something they're calling "Match’s First Date What Ifs." And the advice isn't just dumb advice some engineers made up in a lab because they thought it would be funny.’s new Amazon Alexa skill, meant to help you prep for that big date with sage words of wisdom from everyone’s favorite electronic voice, however, seemed to totally miss the mark, dishing out tips that had many balking, with the site pulling it less than 48 hours after its release.