Masturbation text chat

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: D You: yes You: and how about you Stranger: Like... Stranger: Lol You: oh Stranger: XD You: so ur not really experience Stranger: No XDD You: sweet You: i can show u Stranger: Hahaha. OTL You: actually Stranger: How many times have you been told?

That's why I'm here in Omegle You: yeah me too Stranger: Oh. XD Stranger: Okay : D You: ok how far have u gone with a guy Stranger: ... Stranger: OTL You: u mean all the way You: lol Stranger: Yes. You: so wats ur favorite sexual position Stranger: I'll just ask you if I want to know something : D Stranger: O_______O Stranger: I don't know what to call them. inside her Stranger: XDD You: u know wat i mean You: lol Stranger: I know. OTL You: that so turns me on Stranger: XD Stranger: Have you experienced a threesome?

Stranger: This is haaaarrrd You: lol Stranger: You ask first :/ I really don't know what to ask XDD You: well u can ask anything wat ever u think of You: i wont be offended Stranger: You ask first :| please? //headwall You: lol You: do u want me to ask the questions from here on edn You: lol You: wnd You: end Stranger: Okay XD lol. Stranger: HAHA You: um You: lol You: i like it when a girl rides me with her back facing me so i can see my ? OTL OTL OTL XD You: so i like hairless kitties Stranger: Kitties XD You: so do u like giving oral sex or recieving it Stranger: O_____________O Stranger: I don't know. Stranger: XD You: it would pleasure me to pleasure u first You: lol Stranger: ME?

OTL You: ur sweet little pussy You: is wat im refering too You: lol You: would u like that Stranger: I knooow.

I forgot about that XD You: as candy Stranger: :p You: i hope to lick u You: someday Stranger: Sweet talker :p Stranger: HAHAHA : D You: like a lolly pop Stranger: Lick me. XD You: ur sweet little center You: like a lolly pop You: lol Stranger: Haha. XD You: um or u can just melt in my mouth if u like Stranger: How do I do that? You: like a hersy kiss chocolet You: lol Stranger: Melt in your mouth XD Stranger: HAHA.

HAHAHA OTL You: yes You: yes You: and yes You: im guilty You: lol You: ur honor Stranger: What? XD You: yes i came You: she rode me Stranger: O___________________O Stranger: Mental images OTL OTL OTL You: i remember how she took my cock and slide down on my shaft You: untill i all the way in her Stranger: Stop it. If evidence is needed that sometimes you need to take a path without knowing what it takes you too many people refuse to do the res...