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"If this story does air tomorrow morning you as a person, individual, and your station will be charged with slander, defamation of character, and anything else my lawyer can bring against you," Cameron said.

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He contacted Mac Innis and offered to return the camera, but she told him to keep it. It matches the 10-digit number on the camera in Basu's possession.

On the left, a camera purchased by an international student in St.

He also identified Cameron as the seller when CBC News showed him a photo of his wanted poster from the Crime Stoppers website in Kelowna.

"I felt guilt because I thought I supported something bad," Basu said. Mac Innis provided CBC News with the serial number on the warranty for the camera she reported stolen.

Despite his denials, a CBC News investigation found dozens of charges by calling courthouses around the country, and supplying Cameron's first, middle, and last names, along with his date of birth. Cameron has either been charged with crimes or convicted in at least nine cities across Canada.