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This is the fate of one of only 1,686 ’67 Rambler Rebel convertibles, which were built for that year only, rebadged as AMCs for 1968, and discontinued in 1969. He sold the last of his two Alabama State Trooper Javelins not long ago, having bought them at auction in Alabama years earlier.

Before Mustangs and Camaros in police livery became common, the Alabama Department of Public Safety pioneered the concept of the ponycar pursuit vehicle by ordering 133 ’71 and ’72 Javelins.

The Renault Encore, an American-built version of the Renault 11, hit the market a year later.

Bobby has never stopped seeking cars– particularly rare examples.

The showroom is little more than a shell and closed to customers.

Instead, he let the trickle of new inventory cease years before Renault sold AMC to Chrysler Corporation, which absorbed AMC’s engineering stafi and factories, making 1987 the last year in which a factory produced an AMC-badged vehicle.

Because Bobby was no longer in the business of selling new cars, his dealership evaded the blow that struck other AMC dealers, which resorted to selling other makes or shutting down.

Bobby’s two were beacons to the AMC community, the rarities that dominated conversation anytime Collier Motors was mentioned.