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Never releasing his firm grip of her hair until she started moving her lips back and forth on her own.

The other guys in the room was already undressed and starting to surround her.

I was still holding out hope that maybe he just wanted to feel her juices and to humiliate me some more before pulling out and putting on a condom but he never showed signs of stopping as his pace and stamina was nothing like I had seen before.

I could hear my wife no longer able to keep her mouth closed as sounds starting leaking out of mouth that I had never heard before and it was forever it felt like before I heard the unmistakable grunts of the guy cum hard in her exposed womb, my hands only able to pull against the handcuffs binding me to this chair as he slowly pulled out to reveal a mixture of her juices and cum covering every inch of his incredibly long shaft, my wife's pussy left a red and swollen mess as the guys soon left leaving us now alone in our bedroom...

Besides, I still have many more images in my personal archive so eventually I’ll share more in the future.