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At the hearing, Potter said he had cut travel, and frozen executive salaries.The Postmaster told members of Congress he feared USPS would suffer a billion deficit for this fiscal year, and he was even recommending a cutback in the number of days USPS would deliver mail.Not such a bad thing on the surface, but if you dig deeper you can find what the PFP scorecard is based on for the Postal Service supervisors.

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The people who live in homes like this pay enormous (in fact disproportionate) amount of taxes.

They also can be the difference between large organizations running smoothly or not.

In many instances, these policies are very helpful moving key human assets where they are most needed, which in turn decreases recruiting and development expenses at the end location. Please quit initiating the nonsense that feeds the frenzy of ill informed people working themselves up about things they understand very little about.

I also wonder does a Post Master make to much money?

Despite all of this, it wasn’t until last week that the Postal Service said it would set a new limit on how much it would spend on houses purchased in its relocation packages. In one case, the USPS paid $2.8 million for a home.