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Ferzoco has already uncovered some anecdotal gems, including a story about the way that off-duty produce trucks parked on the far West Side were used as “darkrooms” (unlit spaces for sex, usually found in the back of clubs or bars).

In one case, a truck like this was the venue for a surprise party, with a little celebration before the attendees went back to their previously scheduled activities.

Currently, Ferzoco has marked 800 spots on the map.

He estimates there will be as many as 1,500 in the end, covering all five boroughs as well as the surrounding area. Between 19, Ferzoco found records of just 26 gay nightspots, a number that rocketed to 318 between 19, then dropped to 264 between 19 and stands at just 99 today.

4th -- Giants 24, Eagles 21: Aldrick Rosas kicked a 41-yard field goal to give New York the lead back.