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Although he acquits himself well, it is plain he is not comfortable with the responsibility that goes with being the commanding officer.

In the outward sign of crossing our forehead, lips, and heart, we are asking that the Word of God to pierce our mind, lips, and hearts.

We cross our forehead so that the Word of God may be in our thoughts and purify our minds.

The character refers to having a sister but at other times identifies himself as an only child.

His mother is deceased, and he is close to his father (in the novels lobsterman/fisherman "Big Benjy" Pierce, in the TV series Dr. In the film Hawkeye is married with children, but in the TV series he is a bachelor and something of a ladies' man.

During Mass, we make a little cross on our head, lips, and heart, because these outward gestures made with our bodies are pointing to an inward prayer that is happening in our hearts.