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As the daughter of the biggest pharmaceutical seller in the city, Gaai Kei has a keen interest in medicine, but her father refuses to see her as his successor, simply because she's a woman.Just as Gaai Kei is about to marry Chong Gai Zou (Raymond Wong), the mayor's son, a virulent epidemic starts to spread through the city.

In the meantime, a businessman with a terminal illness, TING YAT-YUEN (Ruco Chan), raises a hostile takeover bid to buy out the pharmaceutical factory, so KAI-KEI offers to treat YAT-YUEN, trying to defend themselves against the sell-off of their assets.

Also due to YAT-YUEN, KAI-KEI gets to know the retired imperial physician, SHEUNG SIK-KANG (Choi Kwok Hing), who teaches her reclusive medical skills.

That said, from the preview, it does seem like a heavy drama based on the Sales Presentation clip.

Aside from TV Queen Kristal and Grace Chan, who won Most Improved Actress last week, this series brings back old and missed faces like Jade Leung and Hugo Ng.

Having encountered untold hardships and difficulties, KAI-KEI and YAT-YUEN have fallen in love with each other.