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Mohammed bin Salman allegedly subjected Hariri to demeaning pressure and pre-wrote his resignation speech, which blamed Iran for the departure.

The government also allegedly held the Lebanese official captive to be sure he would go through with the resignation.

For it now transpires that a number of EU ambassadors in Riyadh seriously feared for Saad Hariri’s life after he read his infamous and scripted speech.

Others fear for the future of the Saudi foreign minister and former Saudi ambassador to the US, Adel al-Jubeir, who must surely have tried to advise the Crown Prince not to coerce Hariri. When al-Jubair later appeared on television, his eyes – in the words of a close acquaintance of the Hariri family – “stood out on stalks”.

His father was former Prime Minister Rafik Harari, and was killed in 2005.

Hariri has dual Saudi Arabian citizenship, was born there and has a lot of money in business holdings in the country.

When Saad Hariri was taken from Riyadh airport by Saudi security men that first night in Riyadh, he at first found himself only a few hundred feet from the Riyadh Ritz-Carlton hotel in which dozens of princes, rivals of the Crown Prince, were already detained for “corruption”.