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Monks, as a rule, were laymen, nor at the outset was the abbot any exception.

For the reception of the sacraments, and for other religious offices, the abbot and his monks were commanded to attend the nearest church.

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Thus at the first Council of Constantinople, AD 448, 23 archimandrites or abbots sign, with 30 bishops. In the 12th century, the abbots of Fulda claimed precedence of the archbishop of Cologne.

below the diaconate, a power usually reserved to bishops. Abbots more and more assumed almost episcopal state, and in defiance of the prohibition of early councils and the protests of St Bernard and others, adopted the episcopal insignia of mitre, ring, gloves and sandals. The first undoubted instance is the bull by which Alexander II in 1063 granted the use of the mitre to Egelsinus, abbot of the monastery of St Augustine at Canterbury.

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Abbot, meaning father, is an ecclesiastical title given to the male head of a monastery in various traditions, including Christianity.

Latrobe is an eight minute drive east of Devonport, along the Bass Highway, and an ideal breakfast stop for passengers disembarking the Spirit of Tasmania ferries.