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But the state's new plan still included just 10 minority districts. Texas removed economic centers and district offices from African-American and Latino districts, while giving white Republicans perks.

Two days later, another panel of federal judges unanimously struck down a voter-ID law passed by the legislature in March 2011, arguing that it would disproportionately harm African-American and Latino voters.

The judges did not address whether there was discriminatory purpose behind the legislation, but they noted that the legislature failed to pass amendments that would have mitigated the law's discriminatory impact.

Since its inception, it has evolved into one of the lone star state’s premier music festivals that have raised thousands of dollars to support agencies that provide affordable and quality mental health care, substance abuse treatment, and housing services to people living with HIV/AIDS.

Texas Latino Pride is the Fiesta with a Purpose and the funds raised help continue supporting organizations who provide services to numerous communities throughout the year.

Kruto was recently on location to sponsor the Texas Latino Pride Pool Party, and partygoers sipped on our original Kruto Vodka, blended with an assortment of refreshing mixers.