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Over the years, we have worked closely with everyone from the smallest charities to the world’s most famous promoter Sir Harvey Goldsmith and we have hosted events in venues ranging from small restaurants to The Notting Hill Carnival and Finsbury Park.

We can cater for events and activities of all sizes and scales from a small party night for between 50-100 people to festivals for over 100,000 people.

Other materials include the personal regional collections of academics eg the Henry Finch Uruguay collection and the Victor Bulmer-Thomas Central America collections.

The Victor Bulmer-Thomas Central America collection is being processed, but not all of it has been catalogued as yet: a very basic handlist is available here to help you locate items which have not yet been catalogued. there are holdings of Latin American and Caribbean interest in a variety of Special Collections that are not specifically Latin American or Caribbean Special Collections, for example: Goldsmiths’ Collection: early travel accounts, slavery and economic literature before 1850 Porteus Library: some material on the slave trade, travel and topography, mainly late 18th C - early 19th C.

It consists of 90 boxes of pamphlets, posters, reports, miscellaneous journals and some ephemera, produced by political parties, pressure groups, NGOs, trade unions and governments, predominantly in Spanish and Portuguese, with some English language material.