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Anya used her free hand to squeeze one of her breast and occasionally raised her boob to her lips to lick her own nipple. " Cindy cried as Anya's wet tongue ascended higher, passing her knee. She continued her tongue action until she reached Cindy's midsection.

Anya's eyes were locked on Cindy; Cindy's eyes were frozen on Anya as her walking pace decelerated."Oh shittt. Oh shittt, oh shittt," Anya cried as she slid down the wall to the floor. On cue, her pussy squirting her bodily fluids into the air for several seconds. Using her lips to pull Cindy's thin lingerie down her legs, Anya's head went back up to taste her unwrapped dessert.

Therefore, she used her hands to push Anya's head towards her dripping wet pussy. She extended her tongue and did a few circular laps on Cindy's outer folds, sending Cindy into a state of complete ecstasy.

The teasing was over and Anya delivered the business. She slowly slid down the wall and ended up on the floor. As Anya ate Cindy, she used each of her hands to caress each of Cindy's boobs through her silky satin bra. I'm...."Before Cindy could announced it, her vagina delivered a massive load of her cum on Anya's face. Anya stood up and extended her hand towards a satisfied Cindy.

With her legs ajar, she continued to feed her fingers to her wet pussy. After regaining her composure, Anya lifted her head to see Cindy standing at the end of the hallway in awe. She teased Cindy by offering one long lick then returned her tongue back into her mouth.