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The second one recounts the two brothers growing up together, taking yearly family vacations, and coming of age.

The third is about Rich as a millionaire futures investor.

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Following a puppy named Samantha, who has a hard time at the beginning of her life and prays for help, God, When Will You Answer My Prayers?

reveals that sometimes God's timing and ways of dealing with the world is simply different than ours.

Religious wrath, ruthless controversy spanning the globe, and the threat of nuclear destruction make for a gripping read from cover to cover.

Bones Of The Dead Elle Newmark Katherine Brandenburg Marketing Department i Universe, Inc.

But the era of ideas would not be stopped no matter what the cost.

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    “The expanded horizons offered by online dating don’t equal unrestricted access to a ready and waiting list of beautiful people.

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    They would rather use the phone and remain anonymous,” says Selfapy co-founder Farina Schurzfeld.

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    The January 2010 episode, called "The Setup," had hilarious moments between the now-divorced pair, including Chris getting upset that Poehler directed "regular" parks instead of amusement parks.