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I would so love to hook up with Ryan, but he is more than not interested.

Although his viewpoint on gays and gay rights is more liberal than many gays themselves!

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You have to feel sorry for the poor demented creature; she even tells people she's a gay man and has pictures of Chaz Bono all over her fridge. All any of you can and should do is see what is obviously true and make your assumptions based on that. I seem to recall one in particular with a title like Saving His Privates--an unsubtle allusion to his first name--not specifically to the war film.

Based on the fact that he has his kids regularly, works regularly and screws women regularly I assume he's straight and not suffering from some horrible addiction. Again, I'm not saying he's gay but the whacko who "claims" to live in his neighborhood says R. Much of the talk was how sexually versatile (and talented) he was, and how he used it to further his career.

Mark Salling was pretty evasive when Wendy Williams asked him about his race/ethnicity.

When she asked him he gave some indirect answer: "I'm anything you want me to be! He's clearly not as WASP as some people here are attempting to make him. Reminds me of those beach pictures of scrawny Adrian Grenier that the tabloids described as "hunky" and "buff".[quote] Ryan has had sex with men several times. Stop making up lies, just to satisfy your pathetic fantasies, R35 you creep.

Damn, we're still seeing the results of Ronald Reagan shutting down the looney bins and putting demented people on the street. Even stories that have been posted here on DL in the past. I said that YOU have no way of knowing that "Ryan is not gay, nor has he had gay sex." YOU made that claim so [bold]give us the proof.[/bold] Provide the evidence that he never had gay sex. Explain how seeing Ryan Phillippe walking in your neighborhood allows you into every moment of his private life so that you know all about his sexual relations. Let's face it; you don't know and will NEVER know if he ever had gay sex just from seeing him in your neighborhood. ) Further, there's no doubt that your freaky frau mentality has pushed you way over the edge of sanity. For example, Jeremy Northam could be one, so I find that thread interesting.