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In the case of Lord Bramall, it eventually emerged that large sums of public money had been spent by the police and his home raided mob-handed at dawn The notion that he committed assaults on boys between 19 — especially during the last 22 years, when he had constant police protection, is ridiculous, indeed contemptible.

During his lifetime, he was generally considered asexual, and this seems overwhelmingly likely to have been the case.

And thus another deplorable police investigation into allegations of sex crimes by a dead public figure draws to its shoddy end.

The Chief Constable of Wiltshire announced yesterday that, while there is no evidence for him to pronounce on the matter of guilt or innocence, Sir Edward Heath would have been interviewed under caution about seven allegations out of 42 made against him, most of them by former rent boys.

Veale’s officers put themselves in the wrong from the day in 2015 that they chose to hold a televised press conference outside Heath’s old house in the Cathedral Close at Salisbury, appealing for ‘victims’ of his alleged paedophile activities to come forward.