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A few years later, Sakura met Tsubasa Jūmonji who shared her ability seeing the dead.

For the short time he attended her elementary school, Sakura and Tsubasa became friends while Tsubasa harbored a one-sided crush on her.

As nobody else saw Rinne, Sakura thought that Rinne was just another ghost but eventually learns about him working as a Shinigami, which consists of discovering a spirit’s lingering attachment to the living world and ensuring a calm passage into the Wheel of Reincarnation.

By getting involved in his activities as a Shinigami, she got to return to Kyoukai and meet Tamako again, who turns out to be his grandmother, which allowed her to remember her event 10 years ago and so learn why she became able to see ghosts.

Also around this time, Sakura and another classmate, Yōta, were having disagreements as Yōta could never beat Sakura's skill with a yo-yo.