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Shortly afterward, she collaborated on "Take Care" with Drake.

In this photo from Drake's Instagram page, Rihanna is pictured with a miniature version of Drake sitting on her shoulder.

After years of are-they-aren't-they, Rihanna and Drake are officially dating again, sources confirmed to E! SEE ALSO: Watch Kim Kardashian take a milk shower in Fergie's 'M. "Rihanna is the one who didn't want to settle down in the past. Their music together got them close again."As if we weren't already thankful enough for their Top 40 jams, the two just gave us yet another reason to love their songs together.

F.'-centric music video The pair has released a steady stream of music together over the past couple of years, including recent hits like "Too Good" and "Work." Their recent music, according to sources close to the couple, is actually what caused the seemingly-inevitable romantic reunion."He still loves her and never stopped," the source said.

Although the relationship ended in May, the pair reunited to perform a skit during the ESPY Awards at the Nokia Theater in Los Angeles.