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This happens to be the case with a handful of your favorite Disney stars.

Usually, the only Disney stars we like to hear or see feuding are the fictional ones.

” Dylan tweeted out years after she left them in the dust. I’m pretty sure this was sarcastic and all in fun (both young men are extremely facetious and never take life too seriously), but usually at the root of every joke is a thin layer of truth. Both actresses worked together on ABC’s comedy plot line, trust me – the show has much more heart.

When the show’s ratings started dropping, executives decided to stir the pot by bringing in Lindsay Lohan for a six episode arc.

Apparently, Selena thought she was too good for the show and to be friends with the younger boys and they held onto that grudge years later.

“Oh I get it Selena, too good to follow your ole’ pals Dylan and Cole, huh? Lindsay Lohan, well, I can believe anyone hating on her because she has been known in the past to not take her work (or the work of any of her co-stars) seriously.

Well, Lindsay being Lindsay, hadn’t read the script beforehand so didn’t know that Ferrera was supposed to yank down her pants and when she actually did it, she revealed that Lohan wasn’t wearing any underwear.