Invalidating car warranty

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Many people still think that they have to use the main dealer to service their car to keep up the warranty in the first few years and some dealers still tell their customers that this is the case, in fact they are breaking the law by telling you this.

In October 2003 `Block exemption regulations 1400/2002` came into force making it illegal for dealers to use this restrictive practice on any make of car. Now motorists can use any garage of their choice to service their car without invalidating the manufacturers warranty.

This peace-of-mind provided by the 7-year warranty makes it a lot easier to own a car.

What’s more, the car warranty is transferable to future owners, maintaining your vehicle’s value and making it highly attractive for reselling.

A selection of Individual Companies and specifics comments regarding warranty cover Volkswagen/Audi 2 year unlimited mileage and/or 3 years up to 60,000 miles. Any damage to or defect in the vehicle caused by poor or insufficient servicing will not be remedied under the vehicle's warranty.