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Volunteers are inexpensive and effective -- if not necessarily in fulfilling development goals, then in promoting a positive image of America to whatever village they live in for their two-year service.

Where it costs somewhere around $1 million to keep a U. soldier on active duty for one year (as of 2012), it costs just about $50,000 for a single PCV.

The former we've all seen, decked-out in the latest battle-field technology, seemingly more machine than human, traipsing the desert landscape on the latest front-line in our Global War on Terror.

soldier and that of the stereotypical Peace Corps volunteer could hardly be more different.

Such popular sentiments across Africa, Asia and Latin America were responses to years of colonialism and imperialism, often enforced directly by military intervention and/or occupation; Peace Corps was seen as a way to counter this tide and improve the American image abroad.