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“Ssakwa’q’n means ‘water on top of the head,’ it reflects the lake on top of the mountain, called Crystal Lake,” explains Stensgar. You drive up to the area, have a three-mile hike in to the mountain lake that’s surrounded by a crater.

Just to look around and see the beauty is awesome.” The resort hired a photographer who traveled to this magical spot and took photographs throughout the seasons. During my three-day stay, I tried the Palouse Prairie Massage, a relaxing massage designed to relieve tension and improve circulation; the gently exfoliating Mountain Rain Shower Scrub & Wrap that used a nice mud scrub that smelled faintly of coffee beans; and the signature Ssakwa’q’n Facial, a good customized facial.

In addition, member dues are waived in the year the new member joins.

This means a new member will only pay the Initiation Fee installment in the first year of membership.

I’d recommend this spa first and foremost for girlfriend getaways, as well as serious golfers, as Coeur d’Alene Casino Resort is also home to the acclaimed Circling Raven Golf Club.