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Write a two-page report describing what you think the nature of the accounting function and the accounting information system in a large company will be like in the year 2020.

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Prepare a report in which you defend your stand and explain your defense.

CHAPTER 2 Overview of Business Processes 2.1 Table 2-1 lists some of the documents used in the revenue, expenditure, and human resources cycle.

Describe in detail the audit trail for the following: 2.4 Your nursery sells various types and sizes of trees, bedding plants, vegetable plants, and shrubs. 2.8 Which of the following actions update a master file and which would be stored as a record in a transaction file?

CHAPTER 3 SYSTEMS DEVELOPMENT AND DOCUMENTATION TECHNIQUES 3.1 Identify the DFD elements in the following narrative: A customer purchases a few items from a local grocery store.

3.2 Do you agree with the following statement: “Any one of the systems documentation procedures can be used to adequately document a given system”? 3.3 Compare the guidelines for preparing flowcharts and DFDs.