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Modern Orthodox men's dress is often indistinguishable from their non-Orthodox peers.They may wear short-sleeved shirts and even shorts.

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The most common hair coverings in the Haredi community are the sheitel (wig), the snood, and the mitpachat (Hebrew: scarf) or tichel (Yiddish), as well as hats and berets.

The practice of covering hair with wigs is debated among halakhic authorities.

Tzniut includes a group of laws concerned with modesty of both dress and behavior.

In the Babylonian Talmud, Rabbi Elazar Bar Tzadok connected the injunction at Micah 6:8 to "walk humbly with your God" as referring to modesty and discretion in dress and in behavior (Tractate Sukkah 49b).

This awareness informs the concept and the practice of tzniut in its rules and details.