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But if somebody came to me one day and said you’re going to have a very long, sustained career and you will never need social media again, I don’t think I would have social media.

I would have maybe Twitter, just for that purpose alone, to check in once and a while and chat with people briefly. What do you think is the craziest misconception about you that’s out there?

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The upside of social media is you can craft how you want people to see you in some way.

On Pretty Little Liars, if I’m wearing a ton of sweater vests and constantly journaling about my feelings and I want people to suddenly think I’m a badass, well then, you know, I can start posting pictures of myself riding motorcycles naked [laughs]. You’re trying to be like, “Oh listen, I’m just a normal guy making some breakfast,” but you see the rest of somebody’s house and it’s this mansion. But no, for right now, I feel good about how it ended.

Although we don’t know if Lucy Hale ever told Ian Harding about her crush, or if anything happened there… Not only do we get to hear about everybody’s on set crush, but we also find out which of the actresses made their assistant cry.

He's a true romantic who won us over with his baby blues and penchant for sweater vests.

No, actually, that was the thing, it came off really well, and I actually thought it was really cool.

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    New South Wales occupies sacred ground for Australians, for it was at this spot -- Botany Bay, where the fifth and sixth holes converge -- in 1770 that Captain James Cook of the British Royal Navy "discovered" Australia. Alister Mac Kenzie, the layout's signature hole is the 195-yard, par-3 sixth, which demands a stout carry over an inlet of Cape Banks -- which wasn't actually Mac Kenzie's handiwork. The isolated back tee, set on a rocky perch in the surf, first appeared in 1951.

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    If you’re hooking up with a Taurus, be prepared to wait, wait, and wait. If they send you three hundred syringe emojis, it’s because they really like you and they’re trying to make you comfortable.

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    Many people will wear traditional folk costumes and listen to traditional music.

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    It really has never been easier to explore your sexual fantasies.