I 9 updating verifications

Administrators should take steps to be reasonably assured of the employee's identity and the veracity of the employee's claim of a legal name change.

An employee must be allowed to choose which acceptable document(s) to present for Form I-9 both at the time of hire, and after hire if additional verification of the employee's work authorization is required.

For further information about the Form I-9 and E-Verify requirements, including updates from USCIS, visit I-9 Central at: and the E-Verify website at

However, employers can continue to use E-Verify to suit their company's policies if they so desire.

I-9 Forms must be stored for three years after the date an employee's hire date, or one year after the employee’s employment ends, whichever is later.

To see which documents are considered acceptable under List B and List C, see the Form I-9.