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That I’d still be going to nightclubs and getting drunk with friends in Pizza Express. It was worth going through the fire to get to the good bit.

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‘Our data shows women who love football are the most attractive to men, although keen swimmers and women who work out at military-style boot camps also score highly.’Kate adds: ‘Make it easy for someone to imagine being in your life. ‘Being a fan of Queen, U2, Foo Fighters and Oasis could lead to an uplift in messages.

That means putting a less solitary spin on your interests. And art and photography are among the most attractive interests for women to have.’It’s good to share your music tastes, says Louise.

One of our favourite homegrown rockstars, Jacob Hoggard, is celebrating his birthday today!

The Hedley frontman turns 32 today, and we can only imagine how a crazy guy like him stamps the occasion.

January can be a miserable month, especially if you’re single and longing not to be. But avoid time-sensitive pictures (Christmassy shots age quickly) and photos of you holding a drink.‘Any kind of alcohol scores really badly in research.’For Louise Troen, Bumble’s international brand director, a profile photo is about conveying your ‘true personality’.