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Corrupt file would be a sign of an issue with either your connection or our server, not the NAM itself.

If you can't get a clean download off the LEX, try Mod DB, which is another official distribution point supported by the NAM Team.

Patch must be applied to a clean install of the game. Notably, it removes the need to keep the CD in the drive Rome Total War cheats, Easter Eggs, Tips, select your whole army and click ONCE on the enemy units.

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If you're looking for more, try doing a LEX Power Search, selecting "Transport - Rail" in the "LEX Category" box.

Simcityppl: There's been issues with the Dark HSR mod not installing properly.

Regarding the RRW side of things, if you tried to install one of the Alternate Rail Texture options, those are actually for Maxis Rail, not RRW, and the RRW will either get unselected or overridden if you pick one of them.

The Single Track Rail will say RAM on it regardless of whether one installs the RRW or uses Maxis Rail options.update: I tried to re-install NAM to add the dark HSR texture, the RRW with the modded textures and some other features.

( Thanks a lot for quick comment - I think my comment was a little bit missleading: In general I know that I could activate Euro textures in "later" NAMS directly without installing some additional Mod.