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Protestants have traditionally rejected the idea of angelic intervention in human lives, but popular Catholic piety has long maintained that guardian angels are available to provide supernatural assistance when needed."Deviation [in the veneration of angels] also takes place if the everyday events of life come to be seen in a schematic and simplistic mode," states the directory, "whereby the smallest setbacks are attributed to malign forces and successes and achievements which have nothing to do with man's path towards the maturity of Christ are attributed to one's guardian angel."This is not the first time that the Catholic Church has felt obliged to clarify the status and function of the angelic host.

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Rome also disapproves of the flourishing commercial trade in "angel altars", brooches and lucky charms.

The new directory is intended to lay down the law once and for all.

When he returned home, however, his brother in exasperation confined him to a cell (probably in a monastery) to complete his studies, not believing that he wouldn't run away again.

Either there must have been a loving side to this relationship or Isidore was remarkably forgiving even for a saint, because later he would work side by side with his brother and after Leander's death, Isidore would complete many of the projects he began including a missal and breviary.

But though he could escape his brother's hand and words, he couldn't escape his own feeling of failure and rejection.