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I was going to play it cool and wait a couple of days before calling. Flattered, and impressed by her confidence, which had no doubt been honed in New York’s sharp-elbowed and occasionally vicious dating scene, we met up for a leisurely Sunday evening stroll in the park.All went well at first and we seemed to hit it off.

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(You know, the place where an artist takes a pictures of three ladies at a party and describes it as “Andy Warhol style.”) Ancillary Winners: Bobby Zarin: Looking skinny, Broseph! Andrew’s Dune Church in Southampton: Double adorable!

Howie: Cindy’s maybe-gay brother, who is kind of hunky and clearly going to get a date out of this. Tunisia: For not punching Ramona in the eyes when she says, “That’s a beautiful name, it almost sounds like a country!

As is the way she questions Cindy, on-camera, about her IVF after just meeting her. And that she’s finally learned what “no makeup makeup” is. “Maybe it’s arrogant, but when I look in the mirror, I like what I see,” she says. It’s bad enough you brought reality-TV cameras with you to this event, ladies. • Tell people that their previous jobs, which they are clearly trying to get out of, are “boring.” • Critique outfits. “It’s very, I don’t know, Midwest looking,” she told one candidate.

But Alex’s poor behavior ends up making Jill look like the sane one, and she generally looks pretty — so we have high hopes for our redheaded Kermie this year. “I’d go with completely nude stockings.” • Tell applicants they have bad skin. Especially, you should not give people skin-care products to take home.

Listen, it’s hard for us to really learn about these new ladies when they first arrive, because Bravo is constantly undercutting them with editing.

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    "The girl was extremely comfortable with Brian," an insider said.

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    Adult fetish moments, complete femdom and a lot of harsh XXX adult playing with dominant bitches.

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    It was started by Wayanses, taken over by a Zucker brother, and it introduced the world to the particular talents of Aaron Seltzer and Jason Friedberg.

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    Hogan Knows Best presented her father as strict with her dating. During an interview, Hogan stated that she was recording the album at The Hit Factory in Miami, Florida, where rapper Paul Wall heard a clip of the song "About Us" and asked to be on the song.