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The new microchips have helped cut down the creation of fake cards, in which thieves who have your numbers simply imprint them on a new piece of plastic.

The chips make that kind of counterfeiting hard to do.

If you're a student, consider checking with your bank to see if they offer a credit card specifically for students.

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Now, if you're not already pissed off, then you've already been indoctrinated into thinking that such terrible service is acceptable from a cable provider.

Realit check: they're the Internet company, my bill is late, I want to connect to the Internet. My entire connection to the outside world is in their hands. If I'm not paying for my Internet, put up a fucking credit card form and just let me pay for it right there. At this point, I don't think anything insidious is happening; Chrome can be aggressive about certain caching behaviors, and sometimes this can cause odd behavior. Now I'm annoyed: they've actually gone and , clear all browser data, and I'm back to normal.

When they actually get to the apartment, they show up and put down a toolbox and then get on the phone because half the work is done remotely anyway, but they won't let you do it yourself, and the chance that a TWC service person will come to your house and be unable to fix the problem is substantial. Sure, I was able to fix the problem myself, but I'm an outlier; a statistical anomaly.

All of this, is we had to have three service calls just to get our Internet set up in the first place. The supermajority of people are not professional computer nerds.

If they can't render a credit card form, are they really fit to be the couriers of so many millions of people's information? I could visit new pages, which I verified by checking a page that I've never legitimately visited before: (a website that I'm convinced only exists to verify that your Internet connection works). Nine times out of ten this can be fixed by clearing all the browser data and restarting it. But, reality check: all of my own caches were clear.

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