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If Ethiopian security forces, which have a massive presence here, know that I am here, they will abduct me and I will face the same fate of more than 100 of my colleagues, who have been abducted by combined Kenyan and Ethiopian forces, tortured and sent back to dentition in Ethiopia,” Semih said.

Even Kenyans perceived to be working with Oromos are not safe, he added, saying in one of the detention facilities, he found Wario Tatesa and Jaldesa Wako, Kenyans who were facing six and 15-year jail terms.

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“I refused to give in to some UNCHR officers who demanded that I sleep with them so they can prepare my paperwork. I ran away from Ethiopia because I wanted to breathe a fresh air of dignity, not to come and be used as an object and put to worse emotional torture,” Melod (not her real name) told the Star.

She said she knew some of the women who had paid off with their bodies to have the papers processed and even resettled in Western countries.

The frustration and desperation, she said, has seen some give up and no longer want to subject themselves to refugee status determination.

They have instead opted to be house girls, bartenders or own small businesses to make ends meet. The unlucky ones are taken advantage of and paid meager salaries just because they are refugees.

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