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Its Vlad the Impaler-centric plot, like many popular origin stories of late, gives the first Count (Luke Evans) a sympathetic origin story: making a Faustian bargain with demon Caligula (played fittingly by Tywin Lannister, a.k.a. Our Internet-enabled omniscience makes morality and fear more subjective than ever, and the U.Charles Dance) to save his family from Turkish Sultan Mehmed II (played maybe not quite as fittingly by Dominic Cooper a.k.a. S.’s waning global dominance makes for an anxious public, one that hankers for ambiguity and darkness in its media escapism.In December 2013 a supplement titled Blood and Smoke: The Strix Chronicle was released, adding a default world setting and significantly revising certain aspects of the game to bring them in line with the upcoming changes to the core rules of the new World of Darkness.

While Vampires use the stolen blood they call vitae to bolster their physical prowess, heal wounds, and wield Disciplines, it is also the fuel the use to arise every night; a vampire cannot awaken if it does not have any blood.

A vampire's Blood Potency increases steadily with age, but can also be boosted by spending experience points or consuming the soul of another vampire (diablerie).

Vampiric creatures and spirits date at least as far back as Mesopotamia and Ancient Greece, but the vampire as we know it emerged in the early 1700s, when natives and foreigners alike began recording the folklore and superstitions of the Balkans, that cluster of eastern European countries that would become home to the most famous vampire of all time: Count Dracula. On such occasion, it seems only relevant to explore how the vampire arrived at this particular (and CGI-heavy moment) in time. Creator: Gary Shore, Matt Sazama, Burk Sharpless Archetype: Nationalist Vampire Historical Context: In 2014, we’ve reached the Vampire Singularity: so inundated with vampiric interpretations are we that we're frankly tired of new ones.

The latest adaptation of a vampire myth, , arrives in theaters tomorrow. That's where comes in: it's both an origin story and a retelling, two story tropes that are particularly en vogue, thanks to the uncertainty of the 21st century.

Contribution to the genre: While screenwriters Sazama and Sharpless have done their best to get back to vampire culture’s roots with Vlad III as the protagonist, the movie’s heavy reliance on origin-story means a distinct lack of ingenuity.