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SSuu Sky Glow " Broadband Light Pollution Filters Raled lte*l bmad&asi lilter by £Jk|r £ IWranjift 1 Iluim I the Orion Sky Gtow Hit i hi: mast useful. • »*bt-Ei c v cyr J ■ ' d fc^-iis 5 mm 75mm l Z5mm ISrnrn ZAeim 30mm 35 mm 4Zmm aiteru -‘i4i- ■36’E STS ■! with better than 95% light transmission, give you the brightest, higtvreso Mion images oosabae. disiortion- free opljcs increase the usef J field area more than 40% by elirrinating dflfocusod slar images near the *ield stop. POOB0 Orion Nobula Mosaic (M42i PDu l 94 NGC 604 m M33 P00&0 Hei.x Nebula Close up i NGC 7293) P0G3' H{? a&5 Nebula (My Cn 181 PM93 Dying Star eta Cannae One print: .35 Two or mor« prints: ,00 each {shipping e Mtral 'V * PQ087 Hubble Deep Field ■1: ' SOFTWARE j SI H 0WCAS1 Ei Edited by Stuart J, Goldman ir-i-riin 111 Ul*#;, gt- 1 1 Mi-fniiy in Hwj Vli-rruripj n t ' 1 u ' - . Periodically Rohdrt- son led a comet nucleus-making demon- stration using dirt, water, ammonia, and dry ice.

Fir lf\ multi-coated, eyrguanbi, 20, 16, f, % }$, % 7, J, Hmm NEW PANORTIC Introducing the }9rtmi The 6H’ F'j nnfrtic family uefc amen the nr- mill iff its FUlr 7 .k;. Equatorial and 4Q0Q Eyep ecos * Meads LX&O's * Most other Meade * 230, 390. NEs Largest Telescope Display Mail-Order or In-Store. Used Scopes- Buy, Sell or Trade-In Knowledgeable, Helpful, Friendly Staff MEADE 9 ^ CLLESTRON Teie Vue J Hours.

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The GSC also does not contain stars that are close to bright stars.

(reflections and diffraction spikes), aster- oid trails, and pairs of unresolved stars.

As of tins wiping, (tie final touches on version 1.2 were being completed, which will, among other amends. The next phase of slap catalog utility is abouf to dawn I Tie btucnt of the Eu- ropean Space Agency's Hipparcos satel- lite will be released publicly on June 1st.

'nils is no( a curious- ly delineated dark nebula but an improp- erly seamed region of sky. Use a doud\ night In find them The 6.)( has been revised to correct a variety of subtle problems.

Clearly, the catalog will not he as large as the GSC The value of ihis project is not in the number of stars bin in its un- precedented accuracy, Stellar perai lions will he known to 0.02 arcsecond or bel- ter. Tis.'’ com mb pits ihftya -srwv njrusopfcs^oni i 5tale-or-(fie art computer^ controlled telescope drrve system with comprehensive •ctontific research futurn including complete aute- ri MHvn, remote ind robotke control, and ir Mernct c Om- mu mcaliorc arm control feilurti Torus Obtervilary hi Bwktoy.