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A public domain book is one that was never subject to copyright or whose legal copyright term has expired. that our atmosphere absortis iniicfa more of solar radiant energy than has bmn heretofore supposed, and that this is very largely in the blue end of the fl[cctrnm ; so thai, sunlight, if we weiv rid of our atmofl-. Joliitsuiii gave a cleecrlpli Dii of lilft visit 1(1 Kinni Aii JAro, mi Iliu a1»pk» of wlilcb he apeol more tlian Ave montbs In tlu- minim^r Mid autuiun ol last year. of lii» adveuln TM dnririg hi* »lny with Mniidant, chief of Mwblf B penou of remarkable oli.-ktnct Rr, who nili'ii a MDo Jl tract on tlie Ivwer »lu|)vs uf Kithiiiiiijnro at uii altitude ol About fli Oxj (vai, ami » at nar wilh all llic atirroundlng p«lci Llai.e!

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