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side of chain) 1 sc into next unused loop, 1 dc into each of the next 5 unused loops, 1 sc into the next unused loop, 1 sl st into the last unused loop. Weave in yarn tail with a yarn needle or use it to attach leaf to another crocheted project like a 3D Flower.

Repeat for each side so you get your cube (image 8). In my case 3,5 inches x 4 0,4×2 for the seams = 14,8 inches. In my case 3,5 inches 0,4×2 for the seams = 4,3 inches.

Add a row of single crochet to the top of your cube to give it a bit more structure. For the handles, insert your hook in the 3 stitch from the last of the granny square, single crochet in the last stitch, turn around and work another row of single crochets in the 30 stitches. Cut a strip of fabric of 14,8 by 4,3 inches (in my case).

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