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Zavros evokes the cultural politics of New Zealand in the 90s (the controversial appropriation debates), but having prompted them, he moves on leaving us with a beautifully rendered fictional interior located within his wider project, highlighting the way his paintings operate as objects of desire for collectors.

depicts the late JFK junior and his wife Carolyn Bessette as avatars for the artist and his wife.

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During his lifetime he was better known in the art capitals of North America and Europe than in the country of his birth, but that has changed since the establishment of the foundation dedicated to his works at New Plymouth’s Govett-Brewster Art Gallery and particularly following the opening in 2015 of the Len Lye Centre, New Zealand’s first art museum dedicated to a single artist.

(1961), one of the artist’s most delicate kinetic sculptures comprising four concentric circles that spin in space, with a sparse ambient sound track.

Each action is based the artist’s own memoray of a work of art, not his own, and one which he has physically encountered.

Each memory of a work is then connected to in a physical manner by the artist and the process of making.

Recognised internationally as one the twentieth century’s great modernist innovators, New Zealand artist Len Lye is most famous for his avant-garde experimental films and for his astonishing and playful kinetic sculptures.

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