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Learn More: Picking Out A Camming Name You’ll want a wide selection of outfits to wear during your performance.

It’s best to have different layers that you can take off to make the show more teasing and incentivize people to keep tipping to keep you taking it off.

Besides being very embarrassing, it’s a distraction from the actual show and there’s privacy concerns.

What if whoever walks in on you calls you by your first name while knocking or entering?

Wifi connections will work, but it’s not recommended. You won’t get a full chatroom or make very much money without high-speed internet. There are some networks that will let you register with a stock laptop webcam, and that’s alright to start if it’s your only option.

More Info: Internet Requirements For Webcam Models You’ll definitely want an HD webcam. If you’re starting with a stock laptop webcam, you’ll want to upgrade this ASAP!

Learn More: How Much Webcam Models Make There’s some things you’ll need before you can get started.