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Pope Benedict VIII visited Bamberg in 1020 to meet Henry II for discussions concerning the Holy Roman Empire.

While he was here he placed the diocese in direct dependence on the Holy See.

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Bamberg was chosen for its location in Upper Franconia, reasonably close to the residences of the members of the dissident northern Nazi faction but still within Bavaria.

Bamberg is located in Franconia, 63 km (39 mi) north of Nuremberg by railway and 101 km (63 mi) east of Würzburg, also by rail.

The old town of Bamberg is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, primarily because of its authentic medieval appearance. The new cathedral, built by Saint Otto of Bamberg, was consecrated in 1111 and in the 13th century received its present late-Romanesque form.

The town established a documentation centre in 2005 to support World Heritage activities. The cathedral is 94 m (308 ft) long, 28 m (92 ft) wide, 26 m (85 ft) high, and the four towers are each about 81 m (266 ft) high. Hoffmann, who was very impressed by the building, lived there for a while.

The witch trials of the 17th century claimed about one thousand victims in Bamberg, reaching a climax between 16, under the rule of Prince-Bishop Johann Georg II Fuchs von Dornheim.) are German Poles who are descended from settlers from the Bamberg area who settled in villages around Poznań in the years 1719–1753.