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And yet he still sought advice and help in the consideration of the options, eg trying to contact the relevant consultant, but his efforts in that were thwarted.

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Yours sincerely Rachael Kenny Participation Team Sussex Partnership Report as unsuitable Following PDT treatment at The Princess Royal Hospital, Haywards Heath today Wednesday 6th September 2017, I would like to express complete satisfaction at the focused attention by the nurse specialist.

The advice, care and personal attention by the nurse was first class and much appreciated.

Just heard that Sussexpartnership has had its ratings from the QCC improved well it would do if it keeps covering up its failings and not admitting to them.

Most people who suffer from serious mental health issues don’t bother complaining firstly because of the stress it causes them and mostly because they are too’s very rare that any seriously mentally ill person complains with regard to their treatment themselves.

So like I told your PA call me if your brave enough and hear it from the carers that so call matters!!!!